Massacre of fines, yes to the “sop” of 10 km more speed – After the rain of fines and the fierce protests of citizens, the case of the speed camera in via di Sotto has landed in the Municipality. A little while ago, in fact, the city council approved the motion presented by the League by raising the speed limit in that stretch from 30 to 40 km per hour (Pd and Confcommercio had asked to bring it to 50 km).

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Massacre of fines with speed cameras in via Di Sotto: downhill the limit is 30 per hour
Less than a month after the installation of the new device, there are those who have received up to five reports. And anger breaks out

The proposed revision of the speed limit of the League “with the aim of making improvements and future interventions in favor of traffic” was announced by the councilors Maria Rita Carota, Vincenzo D’Incecco and Marcello Antonelli. Furthermore, yesterday the first 200 signatures of the petition promoted by Giampiero Di Biase, president of the
Young entrepreneurs of Confcommercio.

“If the citizens have changed their minds”, Mayor Carlo Masci said yesterday, “we will evaluate with the technicians a possible possibility of raising
the limit, perhaps 40, is to be seen, but in compliance with the Highway Code or even a possible movement of the speed camera. “And today the city council approved the change.


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