Massimo Lopez: “I was chased by a wild boar, I ran away and I threw the bag …”

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There are daily reports of wild boars running around the city or rooting among the garbage cans. This time it is Massimo Lopez to tell on Instagram when it happened while he was taking out the garbage bag, Roma: “I went to throw out the garbage and the wild boar pointed at me, started running because I had the bag in my hand. I ran away. I threw the bag which, however, did not enter the dustbin because it “overflowed” with waste that has been there for weeks, with a bad smell and so on. That’s why there are wild boars in Rome ”. A long outburst posted on Instagram: “Parks should be closed and fenced off, wild boars should be checked and sterilized because they are in excess and will invade the city. Then there are also the seagulls that bring diseases and mice… “.

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