New Delhi: While we are worried about the increase in earth pollution, now space is also affected by pollution. With the International Space Station at an altitude of 400 km above the Earth, there are currently more than 27,000 pieces of debris moving in space, making it possible for these fragments to collide with the International Space Station (ISS) and satellites in space at any time.

As Russia shot down an old satellite with its own anti-satellite missile on Monday, thousands of new junk items were added to the space pollution. Thousands of pieces of debris emanating from a Russian satellite began to move around the International Space Station, threatening to collide with the ISS.

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The astronauts on the ISS were forced to evacuate the space station. They all took refuge in a spacecraft attached to the ISS. The astronauts were told that fragments of the wrecked satellite could strike the space station, and that if this happened they would have to give up half of their mission and return to Earth. 2 hours later, as the debris left the space station, the astronauts (Astronauts) returned to the ISS.

The US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has asked astronauts to return to Earth if the wreckage of a satellite is in danger of colliding with ISS. Even a week ago, it was feared that a satellite destroyed by China would hit the International Space Station ISS, after which the entire space station would have to be moved a quarter of a kilometer from its location. The International Space Station is 400 km above the Earth. But despite being so far away, today this space station is also plagued by pollution.

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The United States is furious at Russia’s irresponsibility. The United States has strongly opposed Russia’s launch of anti – satellite missiles, but said Russia had not provided any information in advance.

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