Matan Kahana: This is the feeling I woke up with this morning

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Matan Kahana: This is the feeling I woke up with this morning

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The Deputy Minister of Religious Affairs, Matan Kahana, this morning referred to the collapse of the outline at the Rashbi celebration in Meron, and to the riots of a handful of ultra-Orthodox extremists who attacked security personnel on the mountain.

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On his Twitter account, Kahana wrote: “We defeated you. This is what a group of zealots shouted at policemen yesterday morning in Meron. And it’s so sad. “We came to save the lives of our brothers, but they came to defeat us.”

Kahana called the handful of rioters “a group of zealots who destroy everyone and bring out a bad name on tens of thousands who just want to pray and rejoice.”

“We will learn lessons. But that’s the feeling I woke up with this morning,” Kahana shared.

As you may recall, last night at seven in the evening, Kahana announced that following the events in Meron in the last few hours, he was forced to bring the revelry to an end.

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In a statement to the media, Kahana said: “This afternoon, groups of zealous-skeptical extremists arrived with the aim of destroying and sabotaging the revelry that worked well until those hours.”

According to Kahana: “In view of the situation of life-threatening situation, the commander of the Northern District of the police made decisions intended to protect human life. I was present with him at the HFK at those hours and I support his decisions.”

Kahana announced that “in light of the fact that the fanatics sabotaged the safety infrastructure of the place, I decided that it was not possible to continue the revelry as planned. The police are working at these hours to end the revelry safely.”

More modem Yesterday riots broke out between worshipers and security forces on Mount Meron. Crowds broke through the fences to the Rashbi tomb and confronted the police.

Police earlier announced that “recently the police of the Northern District Central Unit who were in covert activity in order to prevent those trying in any way to harm the revelry arrested a suspect who threw stones at them.”

“During the arrest, dozens of young men began attacking the detectives and throwing objects and stones at them until more police forces arrived at the scene. The two policemen were lightly injured and evacuated for medical treatment.”

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“The Israel Police takes the behavior of law-breaking extremists very seriously, trying in every way possible to sabotage the revelry. Infrastructure damage, beyond harming the event and causing mental anguish to the celebrants. The routine of prayers and preparations at the place and you will take a hard hand against those lawbreakers. “

Despite police efforts, at one point hundreds of worshipers broke through checkpoints into the grave marker and entered together, with many of them confronting the policemen and ushers stationed at the site.

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