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MATERNAL MATERIALS |  M-Art And Visual Culture

2023-06-04 13:08:14

Asun Requena Zaratiegui

From March 3 to July 2, 2023, the exhibition can be seen on the road Maternal Materials, coordinated by Centro Huarte and curated by Natalia Isla Sarratea. The exhibition has passed through Huarte, Aoiz and right now it is in the Kultugunea de Tafalla (Navarra).

The participating artists are: Amaia Gracia Azqueta, Angela Moreno, Beruta (Berta Osés), Oihane Mcguinness Armendáriz, Txaro Fontalba and Zarys Falcón.

Txaro Fontalba, otherness

The artistic journey in terms of four axes: The word, visual plastic, the body and sounds. Thus, Grace’s chains hang from the ceiling together with large-format pink ropes that contain knots, ending the circle with a rope stretched by a stone. This circle makes visible the artist’s personal vision of post-maternity focused on her work as her mother and on her artistic work. We find curious elements interspersed with the messages of the different strings, for example, the instrument for weaving cloth becomes an instrument for weaving chains, freedom, time, the body that is restricted or paralyzed in motherhood. You are no longer alone. In the pink rope we find the vital knots that will be untied or not. The color attenuates the harshness of the message for those of us who know what parenting means. From the color pink, we move on to the tension in the plastic rope of the sacaleches stretched with a stone. It reminds of the tension of the act and the repetitive objectification, or of sacrifice and love of women towards their children. Thus the maternal body becomes the axis of the work.

Txaro Fontalba, Ovario Balancín

The room is in semi-darkness, focusing some of the works and turning the light into part of the piece. This is the case of some of the works by Txaro Fontalba, such as the work whose mattress is made up of the word otherness and a thrown-back quilt on which the pinched walls of the uterus are screen-printed. Each one of them represents a different aesthetic dimension of motherhood due to the variability of points of view in this polyhedron with different faces. It can be from the mother’s womb as Azqueta has done, but you can also express it without being a mother, because being a woman does not imply that you necessarily have to be. Thus the vision can be interior or exterior; how family members, friends experience it, how you perceive it from a distance, according to your stage of life, etc. Fontalba shows a series of banners with minimal and kaleidoscopic images of the Virgin Mary where the modular structure and warm tones stand out. In its Rocker Ovary It shows the bittersweet and playful side of this part of the body that it complements with a natural animal skin base. The union between the person and the animal.

Beruta, Nea Nata

The detail, the seclusion and the delicacy are shown by the Beruta pieces. In Nea Nata (Predisposition to), a woman who reminds us of a bride, a Virgin, even with that little stitched heart, Doña Inés, speaks to us of purity, of light, of whiteness, of intimacy, of the non-identity that is repeated in the exhibition with the elimination of the face, of what unites us, of illusions and desires, of the representation of motherhood in all its splendor. In her video installation, she shows a car on the road through the snow arriving at a place. It is the farewell and mourning of her cat, the accompanying caresses. Another maternal variable, the relationship between humans and animals. They say that near the end, the last thing you lose is touch. The installation is completed with two photos of the shroud of her beloved animal in oval frames.

Beruta, detail of stitched folds

Angela Moreno tells us about his dailyof her as a mother and as a daughter. Of the everyday in the materials that he collects on his walks and later in his workshop he interprets, and of the materials used by his mother such as the crochet with which he establishes embroidered paths with a rhythm that changes each period of time, to mark the stages of this life, of his life. One of his works is a self-portrait of a naked body walking and vertical natural ropes that try to bring the gaze to the foreground in the box that closes the portrait and play with the gaze and the points of view in the focus of the eye. Her maternity, a woman’s silhouette of a real lived body, a Venus. The rest of her work is in the dark. The artist is not interested in seeing it in detail, but rather in the trace of the journey: her silhouette, her branches and family, maternal crochet paths. Lighting is a very important point in this exhibition, that protection that the half light gives on a chromatically dark base of the painting. The protection.

Angela Moreno, self portrait

Another vision is that of Oihane Mcguinness, a collection of memories, photos, clippings on her artist table. Identities stripped away to create standard human landscapes like family parties and get-togethers.

Ohiane Mcguiness, I am the other

Holding, illuminating, emptying, folding, repeating, containing, keeping messages among half-inflated balloons, small sculptures sewn with gold thread, patches of our maternal bodies, and on the wall headphones with the voice of the performer Zarys Falcón who will perform in this Cultural Center on June 23 in the Black Room. Maternal Materials it is a plural maternal vision, not closed to other maternities. We hope that the project grows and can visit you in other national places.

Ángela Moreno, Txaro Fontalba, Beruta and Natalia Isla Sarratea

Maternal Materials, Iortia Cultural Center in Alsasua, from March 3 to April 16, 2023; House of Culture of Aoiz, from April 20 to May 27, 2023; and Tafalla Kulturgunea Cultural Center, from June 2 to July 2, 2023.

Artists: Amaia Gracia Azqueta, Angela Moreno, Beruta (Berta Osés), Oihane Mcguinness Armendáriz, Txaro Fontalba and Zarys Falcón.

Curator: Natalia Isla Sarratea.

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