Matvienko suggested that businesses not place ads on foreign platforms after blocking RT on YouTube

Federation Council speaker Valentina Matvienko said that the refusal of Russian businesses to place advertisements on foreign IT platforms could force them to comply with the laws of the Russian Federation. Roskomnadzor, in turn, needs to take the toughest stance towards YouTube due to the blocking of two RT channels, she said.

“We, the legislators, will see what else needs to be prescribed in our legislation so that these IT companies do not allow themselves to behave in this way. <...> They are obliged to comply with our legislation, reckon with our rules, ”said Ms. Matvienko (quoted by RIA Novosti). In her opinion, it would be more effective “if state-owned companies, corporations, our nationally oriented patriotic business, in protest, did not place their advertisements with them (such IT companies).”

In addition, the speaker of the Federation Council said that Roskomnadzor should take an “absolutely tough” position in relation to YouTube, which deleted two German RT channels without the possibility of recovery. In particular, the company needs to be fined for large sums, she said.

YouTube removed German-language TV channels RT DE and Der Fehlende Part on 28 September. According to Google, RT DE was first temporarily blocked for downloading content that violates the company’s rules on false medical information about COVID-19, then RT tried to bypass the restrictions using Der Fehlende Part. As a result, both channels were blocked.

Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that if there are violations by YouTube in the situation with the removal of RT channels, measures can be taken to “force this platform to comply” with Russian laws. Roskomnadzor demanded that Google remove the imposed restrictions as soon as possible, threatening first with fines and then with blocking of the hosting.

For more information on how foreign platforms will be blocked for harassing Russian media, see the Kommersant article “Deputies found censorship on someone else’s Internet”.



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