Mauro Corona and Brad Pitt caught together: the photo in Misurina sparks social media

Mauro Corona and Brad Pitt caught together: the photo in Misurina sparks social media

2023-09-22 01:59:00

Mauro Corona with Brad Pitt in Misurina

Brad Pitt and Mauro Corona together with Misurina: the photo has gone viral

There are couples you would never expect to see together, like the one formed by Brad Pitt and Mauro Corona, who almost as if they were childhood friends, pose embracing in a shot that went viralon the shores of Lake Misurina.

In the shot, the Hollywood actor and the writer-climber are immortalized while they are on the shore of Lake Misurina during a quiet afternoon. Pitt sported a “hillbilly” look, with a bomber jacket, a brown checkered shirt and a beige beanie on his head. We don’t know if the meeting was casual or planned, but one thing is certain: Corona immediately shared the shot, thus triggering an avalanche of comments from his followers.

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The Hollywood star is currently crossing the picturesque lands of Alto Adige and the province of Belluno on board a motorbike. Pitt arrived in Italy at the beginning of the week, landing in Bolzano late in the day with a private jet, from there he then headed towards the Belluno area, precisely to Misurinawhere he appears to have planned to spend a few relaxing days.

However, it seems that Brad Pitt’s mission is far from being a trip of relaxation, and this has not gone unnoticed by his most attentive fans. Time ago, the actor is fascinated by the story of Ötzi, the man from Similaun, so much so that he even has a commemorative tattoo of him on his left forearm.

One of Pitt’s long-term projects has always been to make a film about the famous mummy and its extraordinary discovery which occurred on 19 September 1991 (and this is no coincidence) in Alta Val Senales. Could it be that Corona, an expert on the surrounding lands, acted as Brad Pitt’s guide in searching for the ideal locations for this ambitious film project? For now, Corona, usually very open to his public, has not released any statements on the matter, however his followers are eager to receive further details on this extraordinary meeting.

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