Time.news – The head of an arbitration between Uber and a blind client of his, has ordered the ride-hailing giant to pay 1.1 million dollars to the passenger after his drivers refused her rides, or mistreated her on 14 occasions, not wanting to carry his guide dog. The referee also dismissed Uber’s argument that the company is not responsible for discrimination by its drivers because they are not its employees.

Uber said it strongly disagrees with the decision.

Lisa Irving, a visually impaired resident of the San Francisco Bay Area, in the US, had brought forward her lawsuits against Uber in 2018. Uber spokesperson Andrew Hasbun told ‘Insider’: “We are proud that Uber technology has helped. blind people find and get rides. Drivers using the Uber app are expected to serve drivers with guide animals in tow and comply with accessibility regulations and other laws, and we regularly instruct drivers on that responsibility. ”

Pursuant toAmericans with Disabilities Act (Ada), It is illegal for transport companies identified by the law to refuse to transport people with guide dogs, but Uber has tried to pin the blame on its drivers, claiming it is not responsible for any ADA violations because its drivers are independent contractors. The referee disagreed, and stated that Uber is responsible also for the violations of the ADA due to its “contractual oversight of its drivers and its inability to prevent discrimination through adequate training of its workers”.


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