May 1: in Le Havre, Marine Le Pen hits Emmanuel Macron relentlessly

May 1: in Le Havre, Marine Le Pen hits Emmanuel Macron relentlessly

2023-05-01 20:18:18

Abandoning its tribute to Joan of Arc, the RN organized its May 1 rally this year in Le Havre. With campaign-like speeches.

Like an air of nostalgia. For its traditional May 1 rally, the National Rally set up its “patriotic banquet” in the port of Le Havre, in Seine-Maritime. The white tablecloths and multiple tricolor balloons wanted to echo the distant BBR (Blue, White, Red) parties. Popular fairs in vogue during the early hours of the movement, in the 1970s and 1980s. However, it is a more recent memory that was revived by the speeches given there by the new boss of the movement, Jordan Bardella, and the head of the RN group in the Assembly, Marine Le Pen, in front of some 1,500 guests. That of the last presidential campaign.

Arriving on a podium, without a desk, to the air that punctuated each meeting of her last Elysian race, the MP for Pas-de-Calais gave a speech as if the 2022 ballot had not yet taken place. With, in his line of sight, one and the same target: Emmanuel Macron.

“The cause of our ills is in one word or rather in one name: Macron! »
“Many no longer have the impression of living, but of surviving, of working in vain, of worrying for their loved ones, for the future, for the end of the month, for tomorrow or even for tonight, a- she snapped. What happens to us is not the fault of “bad luck”, the cause of our ills is in one word or rather in one name: Macron! »

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A finding echoed, as if echoing, a few minutes later by his “dolphin”, Jordan Bardella: “Basically, what the French suffer from has a name: macronism. The man of chaos and disorder, he is at the Élysée and his name is Emmanuel Macron! “In the absence of a candidate identified in the camp of the head of state for the next presidential election, the RN finds himself like a boxer deprived of a real opponent. Forced to screen, again and again, the one who will no longer be able to face them at the polls. Constitution obliges. Chosen by the young boss of the flame party for its “working and industrial connotation”, the city of Le Havre was also a nod to its mayor, putative candidate for the next presidential election, Édouard Philippe. The name of the former Prime Minister was neither mentioned nor the subject of any allusion.

During her forty-minute speech, Marine Le Pen dwelt on two themes that are usually more discreet in her speeches: “true” ecology, which she considers to have embodied “for ten years” as opposed to to the “climato-hypocrites”, followers of the “degrowth ideology”. And wokism, “this ideology of Western guilt, the orchestration of a general resentment, the negation of our landmarks, our values”.

And Joan of Arc?
If the movement now claims to be a force of “alternation”, the many arrows fired by the duo at the head of the party to the flame have given less to see what the country would have been under their authority, than “the chaos “Which is responsible, according to them, the winner of 2022, whom they hope is more able to embody “the party of order”. A man who “imposes this reform on the French [des retraites] unfair they don’t want, bludgeons Jordan Bardella. A man who taught us skills; and who will bequeath to us a nuclear industry on its knees; 600 billion in additional debt and a record level of deficit. »

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Despite the reminiscences of past campaigns, this day will still have brought its share of nostalgia. Those attached to the traditional tribute to the Maid of Orleans who, over the past thirty-five years, has systematically opened the May Day festivities at the Front, which has become the National Rally. The laying of a wreath at the feet of Joan of Arc was finally relegated at the very end of the day, without press. During a stopover in Rouen, on the return trip to Paris by Marine Le Pen and Jordan Bardella. “We changed the historical reference. It is now less Joan of Arc than Richelieu or de Gaulle, deciphers the special adviser Philippe Olivier. Joan of Arc was the idea of ​​the front, de Gaulle is that of the constitution of the State. It enriches us and shows maturity. »


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