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Production – Double Meaning Production
Movement – Kishore
Music – Ilayaraja
Cast – Sibiraj, Tanya Ravichandran
Release Date – 24 June 2022
Time – 2 hours 13 minutes
Rating – 3/5

I have to say that there has never been such a film in Tamil cinema as archeology, temple background, treasure. Director Kishore has tried to give a sensational picture in the new storyline.

The Archaeological Survey of India has taken control of the ancient Krishna Temple at Mayon Hill. Archaeological Officer KS Ravikumar is leading the study. However, Harish Perady, who works under him, and Sibiraj plan to take the treasure in the secret room of the temple and smuggle it abroad. Sibiraj, Tanya Ravichandran and Bhagwati Perumal are trying to find out where the treasure room is. The rest of the story is about whether or not they were able to do it as planned.

The plot of the film revolves only around the Mayon Hill and the Krishna Temple. The director, however, has given it as much leeway as it can within that. The temple and its surroundings are intimidating. The art director has also worked on not knowing which is the real temple and which is the set.

Cipraj as a researcher in the field of archeology. Anyone who has seen any antiques is capable of telling the details about it. Such a person could not believe that he was involved in the process of finding the temple treasure and stealing it. The twist that the director has in his character in the end is something unexpected. Sibiraj has played the role of fully immersing himself in his character.

Tanya Ravichandran can be said to be the heroine of the film as she is a couple to Sipraj. There is no individual significance to the heroine. Harish Perady as the main villain. He has done in this film what he did in the previous films. The characters of KS Ravikumar as the Archaeological Officer, Radharavi as the great man of the town and Bhagwati Perumal as the co-researcher are also mentioned.

Side strength for Ilayaraja’s background music film. The song ‘Mayone Manivanna’ in his music sounds like a divine melody in the voice of Ranjani and Gayatri. Cinematographer Ramprasad has taken the temple from many angles.

The value on the film would have been enhanced if it had shown more grandeur in the making and extra quality in the graphics and VFX displays. The film crew should have paid more attention to that.

Mayon – The world of magic


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