Mayor Henry Hernández described his management as auditable

Mayor Henry Hernández described his management as auditable

During the presentation of the achievements, Mayor Henry Hernández said that it was a transparent and planned management.

This Friday the Mayor Henry Hernandezfrom the Miranda municipality, delivered its Report and Account corresponding to the year 2022.

In it, he highlighted the achievements obtained in the four vertices of the government plan: Governing by obeying, Healthy Miranda, the Right to the City and the Miranda of the Future.

The exhibition was carried out in a special session of the Municipal Chamber in front of civil authorities and popular power.

Complying with the provisions of article 91 of the Organic Law of Municipal Public Power. And article 141 of the Constitution of the Republic.

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At the beginning, the president of Concemiranda, Adrián Garcés, requested the verification of the quorum and the reading of the agenda.

Subsequently, the municipal authority took the floor to list the achievements.

“This is a transparent, fully auditable management, executed with planning and in favor of the well-being of the Mirandinos,” he emphasized.

He said that in the year 2022 they did a lot with little due to the country’s economic restrictions, however, they will continue working for more.

Photo/ Gregorio Gonzalez

Within the framework of the collection, he called on the merchants not to Evade taxessince reinvestment in the town is limited.

“We detected a significant number of businesses that do not comply and this slows down the growth of the municipality,” he pointed out.

He provided data that in 2022 252 new companies were opened and 126 were reactivated.

He also said that after the Easter holiday, preparations will begin for the celebration of the 496 years of Coro.

At the apex of Governing Obeying

Hernández pointed out that they effectively executed six projects through the Federal Government Council.

This impacted more than five thousand families that experienced improvements in living conditions.

The areas addressed with these resources were roads, sewage, public lighting and water wells.

With the Patria Comunal plan, they achieved the re-legitimization of 294 community councils, which translates into 82.83 percent.

While with the impulse of the 1×10 system they executed 2,522 attentions, between social and public services.

“Thirteen ordinance initiatives were entered through the municipal chamber to guarantee the well-being of citizens.”

The second aspect, the Right to the City

The highest municipal authority maintained that it had completed the rescue of three spaces for the meeting.

The Plaza de la Juventud in which 7,230 inhabitants give life to the Las Velitas corridor.

The Plaza del Tambor in which more than 12 artistic and cultural expressions are taught to children, young people and older adults. This benefits 5,650 people in the La Guinea corridor.

And the Plaza de Los Mártires that favors the recreation of 510 people.

During the presentation of the achievements, Mayor Henry Hernández said that it was a transparent and planned management.
Photo/ Gregorio Gonzalez

Regarding roads, he mentioned the improvements in the interceptions located at the entrances to the city of Coro.

A comprehensive approach where potholes were corrected, curbs were painted and lighting was placed.

He spoke of Juan Crisóstomo Falcón avenue through which around 840 vehicles and 12,652 passers-by pass.

He added that they did the same in the lighting of 452 streets, 10 avenues, 596 houses and 26 communities.

Through the “Miranda without boats” program, they replaced collectors, repaired pipes, cleaned manholes and activated six of the 16 existing deep water wells.

At the vertex of health

Dr. Hernández emphasized the importance of the 30 days of Miranda With You, with which 1,436 direct attentions were carried out and 320 communities were assisted.

Photo/ Gregorio Gonzalez

He also said that he consolidated space for life such as the Henry Ventura ambulatory, the one in La Cañada and the one in San José.

“We have had special treatment with children, we have provided 606 comprehensive care and visits to hospitals giving away smiles.”

La Miranda of the future of Mayor Henry Hernández

Henry Hernández supported the massification of the sport with the realization of at least 11 sporting events of various disciplines.

In addition to recovering infrastructures such as the Polyformativo, the Zumurucuare field, the Manga de Colero, among others.

In education, it promoted the rescue of identity with the development of autochthonous activities with more than 700 children.

Photo/ Gregorio Gonzalez

While in environmental education, he emphasized the need for community awareness, the promotion of recycling and the culture of water.

In the field of culture, he highlighted the events that rescue traditions and show the talent of the Mirandinos.


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