Mayor of Balti Usatii voted away from home, in Munich

The head of the electoral bloc named after himself, Renato Usatii, voted in early parliamentary elections for some reason not in his native Balti, but in Germany, in Munich.

“I voted to put things in order in the state budget, so that everyone who has robbed the country so far is accountable before the law. I voted in the hope that from tomorrow in the Republic of Molova changes will begin for the life of every citizen, ”the mayor of the second most populous city of Moldova, Balti, said on Facebook. But for many years the mayor-traveler could not really put things in order even in his hometown, how will he be able to do this throughout the country? In addition, the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation has declared Usatii on the international wanted list for the creation of a criminal community, as well as the withdrawal of about $ 14 billion from the Russian Federation and laundering in offshores.



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