Mayor of El Agustino plays crazy

Mayor of El Agustino plays crazy

Kids run risk by accumulation of stacked parihuelas

Informal workers, haulers and delinquents they invaded the town Vicentelo, located in the district of The Augustinian.

Neighbors indicated that crime in the area has overflowed, as well as informal work that has managed to invade blocks, to the point of hindering the school “Cross of Motupe”.

According to the statements of the people affected, the stretcher prevents pedestrian traffic on a daily basis and vehicular generating congestion at peak hours, as well as pollution in the streets, since the waste is thrown.

Given this, different people from the place have tried to communicate with the current mayor, Richard Soriato take immediate action, but have had no responses.

Finally, the residents remarked that the mayor has turned his back on them.


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