Mayor’s chair recolored: runoff election surprises in several cities and municipalities

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Mayor's chair recolored: runoff election surprises in several cities and municipalities Lauber

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The results of the runoff elections for the offices of mayor in 72 municipalities brought some surprises with them on Sunday.

ÖVP loses to SPÖ
In several district capitals – in Eferding, Freistadt, Schärding and Vöcklabruck, the previous ÖVP mayors have lost the election to the SPÖ candidates.
In Buchkirchen, Nikon Baumgartner (SPÖ) was able to prevail against the incumbent mayor and candidate Regina Rieder (ÖVP), who was still ahead in the first ballot.
In Pichl bei Wels (Wels-Land district), Franz Scheiböck (SPÖ) won a duel for the mayor’s chair against the incumbent mayor Gabriele Aicher (ÖVP).

ÖVP loses to FPÖ
Pucking (Linz-Land district) also loses Dr. Robert Aflenzer (ÖVP) in the runoff election to the challenger Thomas Altof (FPÖ). Walter prevailed.
Christian Gmundner (FPÖ) also prevailed against Leander Ertl (ÖVP) in Enzenkirchen (Schärding district).
In Aurolzmünster (Ried im Innkreis district), Peter Kettl (FPÖ) won the election.

ÖVP loses to GREEN
In Attersee am Attersee (Vöcklabruck district) Rudolf Hemetsberger (GREEN) prevailed against Philip Weissenbrunner (ÖVP).

ÖVP loses to GZBWP
In Peuerbach (Grieskirchen district), Roland Schauer (GZBWP) clearly won the runoff election against Wolfgang Oberlehner (ÖVP), contrary to the first ballot.

ÖVP turns the result of the 1st ballot
In Frankenburg am Hausruck (Vöcklabruck district), Norbert Weber (ÖVP) overtook Heinz Leprich (SPÖ) in the second ballot.
Andreas Derntl (ÖVP) has also overtaken the candidate Erich Wahl (SPÖ) in St. Georgen an der Gusen (Perg district), who was in the lead in the election on September 26, 2021.

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SPÖ loses to ÖVP
In Traun (Linz-Land district), however, the SPÖ has to hand over the mayor’s chair to the ÖVP.

SPÖ loses to FPÖ
In Ansfelden (Linz-Land district) Christian Partoll (FPÖ) prevailed against Manfred Baumberger (SPÖ).

SPÖ turns the result of the 1st ballot
In Ohlsdorf (Gmunden district) Ines Mirlacher (SPÖ) turned the voting behavior after the first ballot in her favor against the incumbent mayor Christine Eisner (ÖVP).
Stefan Schöfberger (SPÖ) has overtaken Helmut Hechwarter (ÖVP), who was in front in the first ballot, in Ried im Traunkreis (Kirchdorf an der Krems district).
In Steyregg (Urfahr-Umgebung district) Gerhard Hintringer (SPÖ) overtook his challenger David Lackner (SBU) in the second ballot.
In Eberschwang (Ried im Innkreis district) Josef Bleckenwegner (SPÖ) turned the result of the first ballot in his favor and prevailed over Patrick Lang (BEd) with only 13 votes.

List Raab secures the mayor’s office
Agnes Reiter (Raab) narrowly beat Alois Mayr (ÖVP) in Raab (Schärding district) in the second ballot.

Only three voices difference
Vera Pramberger (SPÖ) prevailed against Alexander Hauser (ÖVP) in the district capital of Kirchdorf an der Krmes by just three votes.

Four votes in the next two weeks
The next Sunday (October 17th, 2021) the voters will be in Pinsdorf (Gmunden district), Hinterstoder (Kirchdorf an der Krems district) and St. Oswald bei Freistadt (Freistadt district) and then on October 24th, 2021 in Reichenau im Mühlkreis ( District Urfahr-Umgebung) called again to vote on the remaining applicants with “yes” or “no” after the runners-up have withdrawn their candidacy.

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Mayor's chair recolored: runoff election surprises in several cities and municipalities

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