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THE EAGLE. “The Abruzzo Region gives the mayors the power to decide on the management of primary schools”. This is the appeal that the president of the regional Uncem, Lorenzo Berardinetti, mayor of Sante Marie (Aq), addressed the President of the Region, Marco Marsilio, in the light of the ordinance of distance learning for schools of all levels.
The National Union of Mountain Municipalities Community is the unitary national organization, present in every regional reality with its own delegations, which for over 60 years has grouped and represented the Municipalities, communities and Unions of mountain municipalities, as well as associating various administrations and bodies (Provinces, consortia, chambers of commerce) operating in the mountains, for a territorial basin equal to 54% of the national one and in which over 10 million inhabitants reside. “In Abruzzo there are municipalities of the regional territory where dozens and dozens of infections are recorded even among school pupils”, Berardinetti points out, “but there are also municipalities where the positives are very few and the lessons could take place without any problem as it was done until a few days ago. We understand the prevention and maximum attention that must be paid in this period to the fight against the virus but closing primary schools and activating the dad for children aged 6 to 10 is counterproductive both for families and for the pupils themselves “.
According to Berardinetti, “President Marsilio must give the mayors, as the local health authority, the possibility of choosing whether to leave primary schools open or closed, taking into consideration important factors such as the area they belong to (red or orange) and the situation of the infections in individual municipalities “.
«I spoke», Berardinetti concludes, «with desperate mothers and fathers because they have to go to work and do not know how to organize themselves with the children despite the maximum commitment of schools and teachers in distance learning. Our children are losing a piece of their life, let’s not deprive them of the school that has offered safe lessons up to now in sanitized and safe environments ». (m.d.n.)

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