Mayte Vieta stars in the new exhibition by La Mercè and the Vila Casas Foundation

Mayte Vieta stars in the new exhibition by La Mercè and the Vila Casas Foundation

2023-05-11 21:00:15

The white artist Mayte Vieta exhibits at the Mercè Cultural Center in Girona Desireand visual itinerary around desire and his multiple and heterogeneous plastic manifestations, which oscillate between installation and photography. The exhibition, organized as part of the collaboration between the Girona cultural center and the Vila Casas Foundationis curated by Natalia Chocarro and can be visited until next June 30,

In the presentation to the media of the exhibition, held this Thursday morning and attended by the artist, the curator and the vice-mayor and councilor for Culture of Girona City Council, Kim Ayatsthe commissioner emphasized that Désir “proposes a dialogue between different disciplines”, adding that the artist “uses photography, but doesn’t feel like a photographer”. The curator and art adviser to the Presidency of the Vila Casas Foundation, also assessed that despite the fact that some of the exhibited works were created in the 90s, today “they are fully contemporary”.

Regarding this aspect, Vieta recognized that these older pieces “now gain more strength, thanks to the passage of time”. And time is one of the aspects that inspires the artist in many of his creations: “time and memory are two of my main concerns. I like to capture timelessness».

Desire includes a number of photography, sculptures and installations belonging to different creative moments of its author. “My roots are sculpture and then I move on to painting. From the 90s I started with photography, which was not highly valued then. As an artist I like to work with space, between sculpture and photography» explained Vieta.

Also, as Mayte Vieta wanted to point out, space is a very important factor for her when projecting an exhibition. “I like to feel the space beforehand with the aim of integrating the route for the visitors” pointed out the artist, who considered that the Mercè Cultural Center is an “ideal” space to exhibit there.

As a complementary activity to the exhibition, on Thursday, May 25, at 7 p.m., the artist Mayte Vieta will participate in the roundtable “Art and desire. The artistic work, genesis of hidden desires» together with Chocarro, and the professor of Art History at the University of Girona Saray Espinosa

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