“Mbappé reminds me a little of me when I played” … The Brazilian Ronaldo praises the crack of the Blues

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Even if he did not score in France’s victory against England, Kylian Mbappé is still the top scorer of the 2022 World Cup with five goals (ahead of Messi and Olivier Giroud on 4 goals), and the accolades about him abound. Today he received a new weight support. Ronaldo, Brazilian legend, twice winner of the World Cup (1994 and 2002), was invited to speak about the striker of the France team: “Mbappé is having a very good World Cup. He is decisive, he has incredible physical and technical qualities, I even believe he can be the best player in the World Cup. The other players are fast, but he is even faster…” he said in comments reported by the team.

These qualities, the Brazilian had them too. The similarity did not escape him: “He reminds me a little of me when I was playing. He knows how to use his skills, how to go faster than the others and use them to pass or score. »

“I think France is the big favourite”

On the eve of the semi-finals of a World Cup which he follows as a FIFA ambassador, Ronaldo also gave his opinion on the rest of the competition: “France confirms in each match that it makes part of the favorites. I even believe that she is the big favourite. ” According to him, the French team is complete and without weakness: ” It has a very solid team, whether in defense, attack or in the middle, with now Tchouaméni who scores from outside the area. “And he is not very surprised: “Before the competition, I had announced a final Brazil – France”, he admitted. “But Brazil is no longer there…” Let’s hope that Ronaldo’s prediction is at least 50% correct.

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