McDonald’s boots and a slide in the Eiffel Tower: this is how the world celebrated April 1st

McDonald’s boots and a slide in the Eiffel Tower: this is how the world celebrated April 1st

As is the best tradition, business companies, media and many others took advantage of April Fool’s Day yesterday (Saturday) to introduce new pranks. The tabloid “The Sun” reported that after their documentary series on Netflix and the publication of Prince Harry’s sensational autobiographical book, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex decided to also enter the field of gaming with a GTA-style game. The tabloid noted that the new game will be called “Harry and Meghan: Call of Dukey” and it should be released in a month, a week before the coronation ceremony of King Charles III.

“Prince Harry talked about his love for gaming so we approached him with the idea and he loved it,” the newspaper quoted the alleged developers, Fairloop, as saying. “There are some brilliant secret stages in there, including one where players find themselves in the Duke of York’s bedroom and confront an angry Prince Andrew who jumps on his bed and throws teddy bears.”

The McDonald’s company was not satisfied with a single prank. The fast food giant introduced the McFry dish, which includes the familiar hamburger, but this time together with the fries inside the bun. Some surfers actually expressed support for the idea.

McDonald’s also ran an ad for McNuggets boots, boots made from the famous chicken nuggets dish. “Calling all fashionistas, we have the fall of the season,” the company tweeted. “Unveiling the Big McNugget Boot, the tastiest shoe of the summer season 23. Released exclusively through the McDonald’s applet starting Monday.”

Emirates Airline has announced that it is launching a line of luxury cruise ships, with tickets going on sale June 31 and the first voyage to Karachi, Pakistan on April 1, 2024.

Britain’s Telegraph has reported that the country’s tallest buildings, including the BT Tower, will be turned into wind turbines to help cut greenhouse gas emissions as part of the government’s climate plan. “The Ministry of Finance supports the plan because it will help lower electricity prices in London,” the report said. The Swedish company Flower, which produces schnapps drinks, presented designs of vodka-flavored lickable wallpapers.

The Eiffel Tower in Paris also joined the excitement celebration and announced the opening of the largest slide in the world. “The highest slide in the world will be installed on my summit as of July 1,” tweeted the Twitter account of the famous tourist site with a visualization of the apparently new project.


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