McKinsey and Recovery Plan Italia, the ministry specifies


The governance of the Recovery Plan is the responsibility of the Ministry of Economy and the competent administrations. From service companies such as McKinsey, who signed a 25 thousand euro + VAT contract with the ministry, only technical-operational support and a benchmark study arrive. The Mef specifies this regarding press articles relating to relations with the McKinsey company. “The governance of the Italian Pnrr is the responsibility of the competent administrations and the Mef structures that make use of the internal staff of the offices”, reads the note.

“McKinsey, as well as other service companies that regularly support the Administration in the context of contracts active for some time and on various ongoing projects, is not involved in the definition of the Pnrr projects. The decision-making, evaluation and definition aspects of the different investment and reform projects included in the Italian Recovery Plan remain solely in the hands of the public administrations involved and competent by subject “, underlines the Mef. .

The Administration, continues the ministry, makes use of external support in cases where specialized technical skills are required, or when the workload is abnormal and closing times are tight, as in the case of the NRP. In particular, the support activity requested from McKinsey concerns the elaboration of a study on the national “Next Generation” plans already prepared by the other European Union countries and project-management technical-operational support for monitoring the various sectors of work for the finalization of the Plan.

“The contract with McKinsey has a value of 25 thousand euros + VAT and was awarded pursuant to Article 36, paragraph 2, of the Procurement Code, or the so-called ‘below threshold’ direct contracts”, the Mef continues. “The information relating to the contract will be made public, as is the case for all other contracts of this kind, in compliance with the legislation on transparency”, concludes the note from the ministry.


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