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In Beijing-China, hotel management has banned young people from eating kilos of meat. Hong lives in Shangsha, China, our neighbor. Aladdin loves to eat young people. That too will be eaten in kilos.

The ‘video’ of him eating meat is often spread on social media. He often visits the Handati Barbecue Hotel there. A few days ago he ate 2 kg of pork. This video spread fast on social websites. In this case, he recently ate 4 kg of shrimp in the same cafe.

Following this, the management of the Handati Barbecue Hotel banned them from eating at their hotel. Asked about it, Hong said, “I did not waste any food. I can eat more. It’s unfair for me to be banned, ” he said, expressing his regret. Going unavailable to other customer. That’s why we banned him from coming to our hotel. ‘



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