Media reported on renewed fighting with Taliban in northern Afghanistan

In the Afghan province of Baghlan in the north of the country, clashes have resumed between the National Resistance Front and the Taliban (a terrorist organization banned in Russia), TASS reported.

“This morning, fighting between the Taliban and the militia resumed in the Puli-Hisar region of the Andarab Baghlan Valley,” a source told the agency.

According to him, the militants suffered losses and were forced to retreat from the area.

The Taliban came to power in Afghanistan after US President Joe Biden initiated the final withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan at the end of May, where they had been stationed for almost 20 years – from October 2001 on August 15, the Taliban captured Kabul and most of the country.

On September 9, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan led to a new crisis situation and it is still unknown how it will affect regional and global security. According to him, Russia and the BRICS countries – Brazil, India, China and South Africa – stand for stability and peace in this country and are not interested in the development of terrorism and drug trafficking in Afghanistan.



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