Mediaset updates the code of ethics for its reality shows

Mediaset updates the code of ethics for its reality shows

2023-05-26 17:26:30

The leadership of Mediaset España continues to impose new rules of conduct and behavior with which they want to make it clear that a new stage has arrived for the Fuencarral chain. The audiovisual group made public this Friday the update of its code of ethics to include an action protocol applicable to reality shows, a document that includes ten basic rules articulated in three sections and that aim to regulate coexistence and guarantee health and well-being of the participants of formats such as ‘Survivientes’ or ‘La isla de las tentaciones’, the spaces with the highest audience on Telecinco.

In a first point, Mediaset exposes the criteria that will be followed from now on in the selection process of the contestants, “defining the ideal profiles based on the typology of ‘reality'”, and to which they must be carried out from the producing “a reasonable risk analysis” that will include, among other aspects, a medical and psychological analysis, as well as an investigation in the family, professional or social environment of the participant. “All those applicants with a proven record of violence of any kind in the five years prior to the selection process will be discarded,” the communication group demands.

The update of the code of ethics for reality shows focuses its second block on the “establishment of safe environments for participants with the aim of preventing them from being exposed to uncontrolled situations that endanger their physical or psychological health.” This section also provides for prolonging the psychological assistance to the contestants for at least two months after the end of the program.

Finally, in the third point, Mediaset describes prohibited or reprehensible behaviors and attitudes, demanding “the implementation of sufficient human and technical resources for preventive control and reactive intervention in order to prevent such behaviors from occurring or being stopped immediately.” “, activating in such a case “the pertinent action, communication and complaint protocols”.

With these new rules, the communication group chaired by Borja Prado also confirms its commitment to the reality television genre, at a time when Telecinco wants to minimize aggressive content in its programming and bet on other more familiar formats. The ethical code for ‘reality shows’ could also mean a purpose of amendment and a previous step for ‘Big Brother VIP’, whose return would already be on the Mediaset table for the next season, according to different media outlets. This would take place a few months after José María López was sentenced to 15 months in prison for sexual abuse of the ‘GH Revolution’ contestant Carlota Prado, which also forced the producer Zeppelin to compensate the victim with 1,000 euros as compensation for moral damage.

Mediaset launched in February a first code of ethics that mainly affected daily programs, especially ‘Save me’. In that document, the group made it clear that political opinions had no place in entertainment formats and also prohibited celebrities such as Rocío Carrasco from speaking in the spaces of the chain.

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