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At the time of Covid, to protect the most fragile people from the risk of contagion as much as possible, home delivery of the necessary drugs is envisaged. With prescription, over the counter, including hospital prescriptions prescribed to patients after hospitalization and those subject to therapeutic plans distributed directly by the Local Health Authorities. To make the service operational in all regions and autonomous provinces, the network of volunteers of the Red Cross, which in collaboration with the association of municipal pharmacies (Assofarm) and private pharmacies (Federfarma), through the toll-free number 800065510, available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, responds to requests for the transport of medicines from citizens over 65, those in non-self-sufficient or immunosuppressed conditions, those who have just been discharged from the hospital and remain under observation, and those who result positive for Covid or in quarantine measure for suspicion of having contracted the infection. The initiative, born a year ago during the first lockdown, will last until the end of the emergency phase and completely free. To avoid abuse, please note that it is reserved for people unable to go to the pharmacy, due to illness or disability, who cannot delegate relatives, friends or acquaintances.

How does it work

The home delivery service of medicines can be activated in two ways. In the first case, the user call the Red Cross at 800065510, which in turn contacts the nearest territorial committee. At this point the volunteer, recognizable in uniform, collects the prescription from the doctor’s office if necessary or requests (also via email, sms or whatsapp) the electronic prescription number and the tax code, and goes to the pharmacy. The user can advance the sum of the payment (of the ticket or the full price of the drug) or settle the bill upon delivery.
Alternatively, directly the trusted pharmacy to mobilize the intervention of the Red Cross after receiving the request for help from the citizen.
The Committee of the Lombardy, to lighten the traffic on the national toll-free number, it has opened a dedicated telephone line that answers to the number 0230456098 (“Cri ready drug” the name of the service).

The role of the municipalities

Municipalities can decide to integrate the service by involving volunteers from Civil Protection or local cooperatives. To find out and get more information, it is advisable to call your Town Hall or consult its website. The Municipality of Milano, for example, it has launched the “Milano helps” project, which, thanks to volunteers, companies and private social organizations, offers assistance to elderly and troubled people, including the delivery of medicines at home (the number to be contacted is 020202). While, in parallel, the Region Liguria has made available the toll-free number 800593235, already active for the frail elderly in care of the social and health services, also for all residents over 65, with disabilities or subjected to quarantine who need to obtain medicines and cannot count on the help of nobody.

Drugs in direct distribution

home delivery also of medicines in direct distribution by the pharmaceutical services of public structures (which fall within the Handbook pht, i.e. the hospital-territory therapeutic continuity), normally subject to a therapeutic plan prescribed by a specialist center. “The availability of the service varies from ASL to ASL – warns Marcello Pani, national secretary of the Italian Society of Hospital Pharmacy (Sifo) and director of the hospital pharmacy of the Gemelli hospital in Rome -. It is therefore necessary for the patient concerned to inquire by contacting his specialist or the pharmacist of the treatment center “. In some regions, such as Lombardy, Veneto and Emilia Romagna, allowed throughout the territory.


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