Mediobanca, 500 million from wealthy customers to buy companies abroad –

The starting point is that the great Italian entrepreneurial families now want to invest directly in companies to grow and no longer seek the intermediation of private equity funds. They do it in Italy through direct investments or in clubs. Now they look also but also abroad. Mediobanca and its Private Banking division were already clear on the new path chosen by the so-called Ultra-High-Net-Worth (but also by the institutions) who had created Tec, the all-Italian club deal that has consolidated the capital of the great Italian dynasties, channeling them to the SMEs of the country.

The skills

Now this same strategy

it will be applied on the US and European markets. The Private division of Mediobanca and BlackRock Private Equity Partners have pooled their expertise in private markets and launched Mediobanca BlackRock Co-Investments, the first custom made international direct co-investment initiative dedicated to Italian investors. It is a fund that will allow Ultra-High-Net-Worth and institutional clients to have access to international unlisted companies, investing in partnership with some of the best private equity managers globally.

Private equity changes

Mediobanca Private Banking

, with over one billion assets invested through funds and club deals, make new opportunities available to Private customers usually reserved for institutional investors only. BlackRock’s more than 20 years of alternative investment experience, which has assets of $ 9.7 billion in over 220 direct co-investments on a global scale, will be made available to Mediobanca’s private clients in selecting the best companies. In particular, the focus will be on key sectors such as Healthcare, Technology & Media, Financial Services, Consumer and Industrial Goods & Services and on the geographic areas with the best growth prospects, such as North America and Europe.

Minimum denomination: one million

Mediobanca will collect

a “soft commitment” of about half a billion from its customers who will be able to invest alongside the Blackrock funds that will reserve a “slice” of its investments in the four-six companies on which the partnership will focus every year. The minimum cut to participate in the new trip of one million. Those who invest will not be obliged to intervene on a certain company but will be able to do it “la carte”, that is, only if they consider the investment interesting.


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