Medvedeva explained leaving Tutberidze

The famous Russian figure skater Evgenia Medvedeva spoke about the relationship with Eteri Tutberidze and Alina Zagitova. According to her, she was 7.5 years old when the future athlete was brought to Tutberidze. We got to her on the recommendations. As soon as she got it, she was immediately very frightened of the coach’s approach to figure skating.

“I came and they asked me:“ Can you great snipe can jump? ”I didn’t even know this name,” Medvedeva told the YouTube channel Fametime TV.

Speaking about winning prizes, the two-time world champion emphasized that only her mother and grandmother, but not the coach, praised her for it. In general, according to her, there was toughness in Tutberidze’s work.

However, Evgenia is sure that if the coach was soft, she would not have achieved anything. “Tutberidze’s methods work, but when you get older, it gets harder and harder to endure every year,” the athlete admitted.

Medvedeva also said that both of them “screwed up” at one time with Tutberidze, talking about her departure to the Canadian specialist Brian Orser. “I don’t relieve myself of responsibility either. I’m not God’s dandelion,” Yevgenia admitted. At the same time, now everything is fine with Eteri Georgievna. They communicate normally.

Medvedeva also stressed that they have neutral relations with Zagitova. A couple of times she was angry with Alina “at some moments”, but she never took offense. At the same time, they have never been friends, the skater added.



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