Meena, Dhanush: Is Dhanush too married to Meena? Fans who know this! – Netizens slam for the rumors about Meena and Dhanush

Meena, Dhanush: Is Dhanush too married to Meena?  Fans who know this!  – Netizens slam for the rumors about Meena and Dhanush
Rumors about actress Meena’s second marriage are currently the hot topic in Kollywood.

Meena melting

Actress Meena has completed 40 years in Tamil cinema. In view of this, a private YouTube channel organized a grand ceremony for actress Meena. Many South Indian celebrities including actor Rajinikanth participated in it. Actress Meena thanked her warmly for holding such a ceremony and honoring her.

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A second marriage?

Meena was upset saying that her husband was not there to see this in the program. After this, many celebrities who participated in the program consoled Meena. In this case, the news is spreading that actress Meena and Dhanush are going to get married for the second time. Hearing this, Meena’s fans are very angry.

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Rumor continues

Actress Meena lost her husband not even a year ago and they are asking why she is leaving the club to marry him. A few months ago it was reported that Meena is going to get married for the second time with a family friend.
After that, it was said that Meena’s second marriage was with a businessman from Mumbai.
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In the father’s place

Currently, the actor is having fun with Dhanush. The fans are furious after hearing this and they are asking if she will talk about anything without her husband and if she can burn like this without any conscience.
Actress Meena sees actor Rajinikanth as her father. Rajinikanth is participating in Meena’s good and bad.
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Nor will Dhanush

They are saying that how would he think of taking away his daughter’s life when that is the case and Meena is older than Dhanush and Meena would never have such a thought in her mind. And they are questioning that actor Dhanush will not have such a thought and how can he marry his brother for a second time.

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Netizens are also saying that only if the concerned people take action against those spreading such unnecessary rumours, there will be an end to this. Actress Meena has already said that she has no intention of getting married again and that her daughter is her future. It is also reported that actress Meena told her friends that she was slowly recovering from the grief of her husband’s death and that such news was very distressing.

Meena’s situation should not happen to anyone!

Meena Dhanush


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