Meet the Spur, the first robot dog armed with an assault rifle

Ghost Robotics’ Spur robot dog incorporates a 6.5mm caliber assault rifle on its back with which it is able to hit a target from 1,200 meters away. But for what level of autonomy?

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It has been years since Spot robot dogs from Boston Dynamics are talking about them. They have even been tested by theFrench army with other robots during specific training sessions. On the same principle as the Spot, here is now the Spur for Special Purpose Unmanned Rifle.

Conceived by Ghost Robotics, this quadriped has a particularity: it is a robot killer. The Spur is indeed equipped with an assault rifle MK-17 Mod 1 of caliber 6.5 mm. In fact, it is the very first four-legged robot equipped with such a weapon. It was with this equipment that the Spur was recently unveiled in Washington DC, United States at the Association of theUS Army. The 6.5 mm caliber used has a long range and, with it, the robot would be able to accurately reach a target located 1,200 meters away. It should be noted that the robot’s four articulated legs are ideal for achieving stabilization of the shot due to the high rate of the computers controlling each leg. The Spur can even shoot precisely while moving and it is this computing power that allows the recoil effect of the shots to be compensated in real time.

Here is Ghost Robotics’ robot dog in its unarmed version. Equipped with accessories, the robot can carry out reconnaissance and intelligence missions. © Ghost Robotics

A robot-killer for what level of autonomy?

Other calibers and armaments can also be integrated as needed, according to the manufacturer. On the The goal may be to affect an online service or a company’s network by … “data-image =” f / f / eff315adf5_103383_deni-service-dos-ddos.jpg “data-url =” “data-more =” Read more “>From of the robot, we can see that the weapon is concealed under a protective shell equipped with a sighting system. Its barrel which protrudes seems equipped with a silencer. This undoubtedly serves to prevent the direction of the fire from being identifiable by the enemy. Ghost Robotics does not indicate how the weapon can be reloaded, but explains that the robot knows how to cock it and put it to safety. Spur is also tough and waterproof. Its system is designed to operate even if several In space, a star sensor is an optoelectronic device used for the orientation of satellites. “Data-image =” /images/midioriginal/6/3/4/6349c4ee96_50036247_capteurrecopesca-image-node-full.jpg “data-url =” “data-more = “Read the definition”>sensors on board are faulty.

At the question ethics to know if the robot can be endowed with autonomy in its decisions, the manufacturer does not give an answer. It is likely that the shots can be controlled remotely by an operator. However, the robot could very well exploit a HE to detect and lock in potential targets, before leaving the firing decision to an operator. For the military, such a robot could be useful to ensure security over a distance corresponding to its firing range. He would also be an ally of choice for carrying out reconnaissance missions in urban war zones.

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