Meitav Investment House will rent 7 office floors in the “BBC CENTRAL” project in Bnei Brak

Meitav Investment House will rent 7 office floors in the “BBC CENTRAL” project in Bnei Brak

Meitav Investment House is changing its location. Meitav will rent 7 office floors with a total area of ​​approximately 10,000 gross square meters and parking spaces, in the “BBC CENTRAL” project at 1 Zabotinsky St., in Bnei Brak. Meitav has signed an agreement with the project owners, Migdal Insurance Company and its partners, according to which it will rent offices for itself and its subsidiaries its.

The new project, which is currently under construction, is the first in Israel where the red line will pass and will be connected directly to the light rail, which provides maximum accessibility and comfort for employees. The building includes 40 floors of offices, and 3 floors of commerce and services that the employees will benefit from.

About 1,000 employees of Meitav and the subsidiaries are expected to move to the new building in December 2023. These days they are working on the plans, design and technological improvements that will be adapted to the new era, which will include, among other things, internal passages between floors, smart stations, electric charging for vehicles, reducing server areas and expanding the use of cloud services and a Paperless work environment.

The lease period is for 10 years from the end of the works, with 2 options to extend the lease period, of 5 years each. In accordance with the agreement, the annual rent that Meitav will pay will reach approximately NIS 13.6 million per year.

Eyal Shemesh, Vice President of Procurement and Logistics at Best Securities and Investments: “The new era of work requires consideration of modes of transportation, density, pollution and accessibility. The tower we chose is the only one in Israel that allows light rail access inside, as in other countries in the world. In addition, the floors and the work environment were designed to fit a hybrid work model, in which we operate The outbreak of the Corona virus. The move to the new building was made in full cooperation with the workers’ committee, which understands the importance and need to provide employees with an innovative and digital work environment adapted to the new era.”

If you want to specialize in the capital market and you have a big head and motivation, you can be a good fit for us.

The job can be part-time; flexibility in working hours; Work from home too.

Preference (not mandatory) for writing experience and basic familiarity with the capital market.

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Meitav Investment House manages about NIS 215 billion in mutual funds of all types, provident funds, pension funds and investment portfolios. The investment house operates through subsidiaries also in the fields of brokerage for private clients, institutional brokerage, insurance agencies, non-bank credit and more.

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