Meli Levy says goodbye to her trademark – and this is how she looks now

As much as we love big revolutions in the egg, celebs who shed many kilos of their weight or swell with muscles, dye their hair, or shave to the nines, this time try to guess who the celebrity in the picture is, because the change is so big that we had a hard time identifying who the bearer is at first.

the actress Meli Levy who recently went around with shades of blonde, went into the store yesterday and dyed her hair a dark chocolate brown. She also shortened the length of her hair. She made the big change in favor of filming for a new role, Levy will play the character Dorit in the new series for arc 12 “The Enemy Between Us”, alongside the actor Yehuda Levi.

Meli Levy (Photo: Shuka Cohen)

This is not the first time that Levy makes revolutions with her impressive hairstyle, she burst into our lives with a bright blonde, then an era with golden shades, moved to light brown, dark brown, blonde again, and now chocolate brown. So what’s next?

Meli Levy (Photo: Or Gefen)Meli Levy (Photo: Or Gefen)

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