Meloni regrets the murder of three women, including a friend, during a neighborhood meeting

Meloni regrets the murder of three women, including a friend, during a neighborhood meeting

Italian Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni, has regretted today shooting murder of three women at a neighborhood meeting in Rome, one of them a personal friend of hersand expressed his desire that the weight of justice fall “as soon as possible” on the arrested attacker.

“Nicoletta was my friend. She leaves a husband, Giovanni, and a splendid 10-year-old son, Lorenzo. Her family, like the others, to whom I express all my closeness, has been destroyed,” Meloni wrote on Facebook, where she shared a photo with this victim.

The shooting took place at around 9:30 a.m. this Sunday at the premises of a bar on via Monte Giberto, in the peripheral neighborhood of Fidene, north of the city, while a meeting of the neighbors of a community.One of the tenants entered the premises and opened fire. against the administrators to later shoot other neighbors, killing three women and injuring three other peopleone of them serious due to an impact on the skull for which she has already undergone surgery.

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Meloni, Roman, especially remembered one of the victims, Nicoletta“a sincere and discreet friend, a strong and fragile woman at the same time” and a “professional with an unusual sense of duty”.

This, she explained, “led her there, one Sunday morning, where a man was waiting to shoot her and two other women during a neighborhood meeting.”

The perpetrator of the shots a 57-year-old man has been arrested by agents of the Carabineros (militarized police) and is already in police stations.

Researchers have known that the subject had threatened neighbors in the pastthat he had been denied a weapons license and that the one he used for this crime was stolen from a shooting range that has already been intervened and closed, according to Meloni.

“The man who has murdered these three innocent women and injured three other people has been arrested and I hope that justice does its job as soon as possible. Although the word ‘justice’ can never be attributed to these events because it is not fair to die like this”, lamented the Prime Minister.

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The mayor of Rome, Roberto Gualtierihas regretted this “very serious episode of violence that has shocked the city” and expressed his “closeness” to the families of the three victims and the rest of the victims of the event.

The neighborhood community managed an organization between the towns of Ascrea and Rocca Sinibalda, near Rome, but the meeting was held in this neighborhood of the capital because most of its members normally live there.

In research it has been found that the aggressor had serious disagreements with his neighbors.

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They have assured on public television that they knew the murderer, whom they describe as “closed” and “reserved”, and apparently he was in dispute with the community, which he had already threatened in the past.

They were the ones who raised the alarm and immediately called the emergency services, which sent the police and four ambulances to the scene.


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