Melons, Draghi’s favorite moves: 250 thousand doses and Arcuri firing

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Meloni (Fdl): “I share the export block”

Block the doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine from the EU to Australia is a choice that I share, especially at this stage. The issue of vaccines could be defined as the biggest failure of the European Union. All over the world they vaccinate people, not in Europe. In the contracts it says: the pharmaceutical companies “will do their best”, as if a company manager hired a worker with a contract to “do his best”. Absurd. Something went wrong in this situation. We must therefore run for cover. We are in the “save whoever can” phase. I am sorry if Italy cannot help other countries, but the situation had to be handled differently “, so the leader of the Brothers of Italy in Mattino 24 on Radio 24, Giorgia Meloni, spoke on the Draghi government’s decision to block the export of 250,000 doses of AstraZeneca vaccines from Italy to Australia, with the support of the EU.

Meloni (Fdl): “Arcuri? The first thing I said to Draghi”

On the removal of the extraordinary commissioner for the Covid-19 emergency Domenico Arcuri, the leader of the Brothers of Italy declares: “I absolutely agree, it is one of the first things I said to Mario Draghi. From the famous primroses to the masks story, in our opinion Arcuri should have been discharged. Domenico Arcuri spent one euro per mask thanks to a foreign broker, while there are those who bought them for much less “. And also on premises of the new refreshments DLMeloni underlines: “If Draghi accepts all our requests more willingly, and from my point of view also intelligent, I can only be happy. We will see about the decree, because we talk about indiscretions. And I don’t like talking about indiscretions” .

However, the leader of Fratelli d’italia points out: “On this too I sent a letter to Draghi, in which I made him a proposal”, or “we have a clear resource problem, the state has invested 11 billion in refreshments. , after which the same state used 5 for the cashback, therefore we at Fdl propose that the cashaback be canceled and that those 5 billion be put into the new restraint decree. So far it is not that the refreshment points have held up our industrial fabric so well “.

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