Member of monarchy entourage resigns after racist incident

A person from the entourage of the British monarchy has resigned after asking insistent questions about his origins to a black feminist activist at a reception hosted by Queen Consort Camilla in Buckingham, the palace said on Wednesday.

Ngozi Fulani, director of the Sistah Space association which supports victims of domestic violence, claimed on Twitter that a member of the services that surround members of the monarchy had asked her insistently “where she really came from” during the interview. a reception on Tuesday at the royal palace.

“No, but where are you from in Africa? »

The reception organized in Buckingham by Queen Consort Camilla had as its theme the fight against violence against women. In a tweet, Ngozi Fulani recounts being arrested ten minutes after her arrival by a person she refers to as “Lady SH”, who “touched her hair to see (her) name on (her) badge”. She adds that after explaining that she was there as a representative of her association based in London, her interlocutor asked her: “No, but where are you from in Africa? and continued to insist when Ngozi Fulani replied that he was British. “No, but where are you really from? Where do people like you come from? “, she would have insisted.

The activist explains that she did not know what to answer or what to do: “I could not tell the queen consort, and it was a shock for me as for the two other women (by my side), we remained stunned and dumb. “We do not wish to reveal the identity of the person concerned, it is the system which must evolve”, insisted Sistah Space.

In a statement, Buckingham Palace said it takes the incident “extremely seriously”. “Unacceptable and truly regrettable comments were made,” the palace said. The person concerned would like to express his deepest apologies for the harm caused and has left his honorary role with immediate effect. »


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