Members of the Ensenada Fisheries and Aquaculture Advisory Council take protest | Tijuana News

Members of the Ensenada Fisheries and Aquaculture Advisory Council take protest |  Tijuana News

2023-10-01 03:42:31

Ensenada, BC- To promote and promote actions, projects and initiatives in favor of the fishing development of the region, the Fisheries and Aquaculture Advisory Council of the Municipality of Ensenada was formed, for which its members took protest.

The director of Municipal Economic Development and technical secretary of this council, Lucía Aguirre Inzunza, explained that this council is made up of citizen participation and in 2023 it will resume after ten years of inactivity, with the aim of advancing actions in said sectors.

Aguirre Inzunza highlighted that the council was formed through a call published in different newspapers in the municipality, as well as in the Municipal Gazette and on the official website of the Government of Ensenada, in such a way that the corresponding requests were received.

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For his part, Carlos Ibarra Aguiar, advisor to the Presidency and representing Mayor Armando Ayala Robles, who presides over the council, stated that said citizen organization will fundamentally serve those who are dedicated to these economic activities, through the sustainable and responsible use of resources. aquaculture and fishing of Ensenada.

The official finally added, the main purposes of the Advisory Council are to raise the level of quality of life of the members of the sectors, both in economic matters and in initiatives, programs, resources, productive projects and training.

The council is made up of

-Armando Ayala Robles, president of the Council

-Isabel Villarreal Camarena, Miguel Orea Santiago, Alma Antunez Garcia, Teresita Zepeda Montes and Sergio Ayala Laveaga, directors and members of the Commission on Sustainable Fisheries and Aquaculture

-Lucía Aguirre Inzunza, technical secretary of the Council

-Representative of the Secretary of the Navy

-National Chamber of Fishing and Aquaculture Industries (Canaipesca)

-National Chamber of Industry and Transformation (Canacintra)

-Regional Research Center in Aquaculture and Fisheries (CRIAP)

-Port Services and Logistics

-Union of the Mexican Regional Workers Confederation (CROM)

Citizen Council, with representatives of

-Riparian Fishing

-High fishing


-Active Fishery

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