Mercadona: employment offer 6,500 euros per month

Mercadona: employment offer 6,500 euros per month

Sunday, March 26, 2023, 00:11

When we think of the job offers that a supermarket chain can offer, the first thing that comes to mind are cashier, replenisher or delivery man positions. But the reality is that the workforce can be much more varied and, as an example, just take a look at the Mercadona job market.

If we look only at the offers posted so far this month, we see that Juan Roig’s company is looking for, for example, labor lawyers or doctors to whom it offers a gross initial salary of 51,571 euros (4,297.5 per month) with a projection up to 78,288 euros (6,524 monthly). In both cases, together with specific knowledge, it requires time availability from Monday to Saturday as well as a driver’s license and own vehicle. Applicants for medical vacancies (four right now) do not require previous experience, but lawyers do require three years of practice.

Other unexpected profiles are that of an illustrator for the creation of digital content as well as for the design of posters, that of a technician specialized in computer security or that of a specialist in waste management. In these cases, the gross annual salary is 25,784 euros (2,148.6 per month) with a projection of up to 39,141 (per month).

However, if we go to the active offers at the moment in the Basque Country, we will see that they are only the ‘classic’ ones.

-in Álava There are vacancies for warehouse workers in the logistics block (with an initial gross monthly salary of 1,507 euros with salary progression to 2,039 plus night shift) and for facility maintenance technicians on the night shift (25,784 euros with salary progression up to 39,141 more). night plus).

in Bizkaia The vacancies are for supermarket staff (in Iuerreta, Gernika-Lumo and Bilbao) and delivery personnel in Basauri-Galdakao and Berango-Leioa. For permanent contracts, the gross monthly salary in both positions is 1,507 euros (with salary progression to 2,039), which remains at 534 euros (with salary progression to 764) for weekend contracts and between 565 and 753 for part-time (according to the hours).

in Gipuzkoa the vacancies, with the same salaries as in Bizkaia, are for supermarket staff in Irún, Oiartzun and Lazkao.



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