“Messimania” explodes on social media and Inter Miami ticket sales soar

“Messimania” explodes on social media and Inter Miami ticket sales soar

2023-06-09 01:28:38

The global impact of Messi’s signing by Inter Miami has seen demand and ticket prices for the team’s games skyrocket in recent hours, as has interest in the club on social media.

Since the Argentine star revealed on Wednesday that he was packing his bags for Miami, the franchise, owned by former English player David Beckham, has gained more than 4 million followers on his Instagram account.

This number is greater than that of all teams in the American Football League (NFL) and Major League Baseball in the United States, as well as 75% of the NBA franchises.

Across all social platforms, Inter Miami now has more than 7.5 million followers, adding up to more than five million on the day of Messi’s signing.

Inter Miami is not, however, the most popular among teams in its city. The Miami Heat, which is in the NBA Finals, has 27 million followers across all their networks.

It’s not hard to imagine that interest in Inter will continue to grow as Messi, who has 469 million followers on Instagram, now wears the team’s colors.

The Argentine, winner of seven Golden Balls, is the second most popular athlete on Instagram, behind only Cristiano Ronaldo, who has 588 million followers.

Tickets at astronomical prices

Messi’s decision to play in the United States also had a huge impact on the Major League Soccer (MLS) ticket market.

Logitix, a technology company specialized in ticket sales, detected that the demand for Inter’s games, both in their stadium and away from home, was four times higher in the 24 hours after Messi’s announcement compared to the entire period. of the previous 169 days.

The average purchase price for Inter games at the DRV PNK Stadium, with capacity for 19,100 spectators, rose from US$31 (R$152 at current exchange rates) to US$152 (R$746). As for away games, the value increased from US$ 94 (R$ 461) to US$ 207 (R$ 1,016).

The average price for the team’s debut in the Leagues Cup, on July 21 against Mexico’s Cruz Azul, possibly Messi’s first game in Miami, went from US$ 24 (R$ 117) to US$ 521 (R$ 2,558 ).

From that day on, the club’s official website will only be open this Thursday for the sale of tickets for a game at Inter’s home before the MLS regular season final, on October 21.

The match in question is against Atlanta United, on July 25, and prices range from US$ 3,000 (R$ 14,700) to US$ 6,000 (R$ 29,400).

Given the high level of demand, MLS teams might consider moving Messi-on-field games to larger stadiums.

Many teams in the league have their own stadiums with a capacity of 20,000 to 25,000 fans, while the large arenas where NFL games take place can receive an audience three times as large.

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