Meta is working on a universal simultaneous translator

Meta is working on a universal simultaneous translator – Meta, the holding company that owns Facebook, is working on advanced research in the field of artificial intelligence to allow people to have “more natural conversations with voice assistants” and with each other. The CEO and founder of the company, Mark Zuckerberg, said this during an event to present the role of AI for the Metaverse.

Zuckerberg presented the “CAIRaoke” project, that is “a completely end-to-end neural model for building assistants on devices“, Zuckerberg called it. Facebook is also working on an” instant, word-for-word universal translator “to consist of” real-time language-to-language translations. “” As we advance in this technology, you will be able to create worlds. to explore and share experiences with others, with just your voice, “added Zuckerberg.

Meta, said Zuckerberg, is working on an artificial intelligence capable of interpreting and predicting the types of interactions that may occur in the metaverse, working on “machine learning,”. The AI ​​would then receive raw data instead of being trained on a lot of pre-classified data. To do so, Zuckerberg said, he brought together “a global consortium of 13 universities and laboratories” to work on the largest self-centered dataset. The project is called Ego4D.

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