Metro B ran at 97.8% in November, still “insufficient” according to the president of Sytral

At the time when the very last welding was carried out, thus marking the end of the construction site of the extension of line B of the metro to the hospitals in the South of Lyon, the question of knowing if the serial breakdowns were finally going to stop on the Lyon network was tempting. Will they last until the fall of 2023, when the two new metro stations should be open to the public? Embarrassed smile from Bruno Bernard, the president of Sytral.

“We have numerous breakdowns on metro B. In October, it operated at 94.9%. It’s completely abnormal because it should be at 99 or 99.5%, ”he admits. Over the first three weeks of November, the operating rate rose to 97.8%. “This is still insufficient even if the breakdowns are better handled and they last less time”, considers Bruno Bernard.

Since the automation of line B this summer, the metro has been the victim of numerous breakdowns. Only one was related to work to extend the line towards the south of the conurbation. The others find their origin elsewhere. “Overall, a third result from passenger problems, a third from energy problems and the rest is linked to the deployment of automatic piloting”, summarizes Bruno Bernard. And to conclude: “But our service providers have made efforts, we are starting to see the result. »


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