Mexico, the “blonde” of the Jalisco cartel and the trap for the Israelis arrested –

Mexican police arrested Vanessa Ballar Fallas, said the blonde. They had been looking for her since the summer of 2019 when she organized an ambush in the capital to eliminate two elements of the Israeli evil. A story with incredible implications.

Alon Azulay and Benjamin Sutchi, many precedents behind them, had long since moved to Mexico to continue their business. They washed money, they had relations – it seems – with a gang of hackers who had taken possession of a large sum. They also came into contact with Vanessa Fallas, linked to the Jalisco-Nueva Generacion cartel, with a role in the financial arm. And within this round that the problems arose: the Israeli couple had to recover several million dollars, a percentage on a money laundering operation. But he didn’t trust the other party. Another version reverses the positions: it is the local bandits who fear being ripped off.

The two Israelis set up a meeting with Fallas, asking for it to take place in broad daylight and in a crowded place. The choice falls on a restaurant in Mexico City, packed with customers, inside the Plaza Artz shopping center. Azulay and Sutchi sit at a table with the blonde, converse, eat. Then she gets a phone call, probably a signal. Moments later the killers arrive, a man and a woman who open fire killing the Israelis. The killers escape while accomplices shoot outside the building, an attempt to cover the escape. The police intervene, the agents block Esperanza Gutierrez, 33, while the other murderer Mauricio Hiram, 23, will be captured months later. They are part of the Tluahc cartel, ally of Jalisco.

Vanessa Fallas, on the other hand, manages to lose track. Investigators think she is well protected by her training, the media insinuates complicity, they define her the friend of the generals, they point out that over time she has created a structure of companies in the country and in Florida, a screen that can help her in hiding. The authorities ask Interpol for help if the wanted woman goes into hiding abroad. Instead they found her in an apartment just ten minutes from the attack area.

March 20, 2021 (change March 20, 2021 | 23:02)

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