MHR Sunbreak launches soon PC and Switch version

MHR Sunbreak will be launched soon on PC and Switch version to choose the old bottom Switch hunter should transfer | Monster Hunter Rise’s large-scale DLC (G position) Sunbreak will be launched soon, I believe that all hunters are ready to fight against the upcoming new monsters It’s been a while, and this time Sunbreak is relatively rare in both Switch and PC versions. The following briefly summarizes the advantages and disadvantages of the two versions for players who have not yet decided which platform to play.

The PC has more advantages and better experience, but the Switch version also has its irreplaceability

The reporter himself was playing the Switch version of Monster Hunter Rise at the time, and he switched to the PC in the recent Sunbreak Demo. After playing both sides, you can compare it. The conclusion is that the reporter bought the PC (Steam) version of the transfer immediately after playing Sunbreak’s Demo.

The main reason is that Switch’s performance can’t keep up with Monster Hunter Rise; although Rise’s graphics are not particularly outstanding, it is always a new generation of games made with RE Engine, and Switch’s own positioning is no longer a performance direction, and it is more than five years ago. It is even more difficult to play 3D action games such as Monster Hunter. If you play a single-player game, MHR can keep 30FPS most of the time on the Switch; but when you go to some maps such as submerged forests, or when you play with people, the FPS will drop to 26 or more. It is said to be a smooth experience, especially for action games, which are related to the fluency and feel. In this regard, the performance of the Switch has always been limited.

Every time I draw water and there is no forest, I have to lag…

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Check out MHR Sunbreak’s launch soon and see if the PC and Switch version should switch to the old Switch Hunter:

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On the other hand, if you play on a PC, as long as the computer has a certain performance, you can have a very smooth gaming experience: the same dragon hunts at 60FPS and a true high-definition picture, the feel and enjoyment are completely different from the Switch version; if the computer has enough performance In addition, with an e-sports-level screen, you can play the ultra-smooth 144Hz screen, or with a higher-performance graphics card, you can slay the dragon at 4K 60FPS. In fact, players do not need a very powerful computer to play a smooth MHR. The recommended configuration for the game is GTX 1060. Unless you are still using an old computer from six or seven years ago, you can easily play with a certain computer. play.

As long as you see the comparison between 60FPS and Switch, you will not want to play the Switch version again.

Of course, the biggest advantage of the Switch version is that it can be taken out of the street to play. If you will take the machine to a party, or if a few hunters in the MHP era asked to go out to McDonald’s for hunting, or it is difficult to play at home for various reasons, you can only use the Switch. If you take it out of the street or even bring it back to work, you can only continue to play the Switch version.

Although it can barely be said that they can use Steam Deck to play MHR, there are very few people who own Steam Deck in Hong Kong at present.

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Another advantage of the Switch version is that there are almost no players who use cheats to modify game values; after all, using modifiers on the Switch can easily be hardware banned to make the host lose the connection function, but the PC version does not have this limitation, although it is not common, but Occasionally, there will be players who report encountering a monster killed with a knife, which affects the game experience.

Although the transfer experience is better, it can no longer play with Switch players

If you play the Switch version like a reporter and are now considering whether to switch to PC, unfortunately the game does not support save transfer, and there is no cross-platform play; so if you want to transfer, you not only need to buy the game again, start over After one progress, you will no longer be able to play with your friends on the Switch version.

Buying the game again can only be solved with money. Currently, the Steam Summer Sale is underway, and you can start MHR at half price for HK$238. As for the progress of playing the game again, although the content of MHR is not very large, it needs to be done in two parts. It is still unrealistic to catch up with the progress in three days and play the sunbreak, and it is really tiring to reload the tasks, equipment and stone protection (mainly because I really don’t want to play Bailong Night Walk…); but online There are some fast customs clearance methods circulating, if necessary, please study it further.

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To summarize which players are suitable for the PC version of MHR Sunbreak:
1. Newly added players
2. Players who focus more on visual experience and fluency
3. Players who tend to sit at home and play games
4. Players who can use mods (change monsters to Thomas the train, etc.)

Which players are suitable for the Switch version of MHR Sunbreak:
1. Players who do not have a computer or use the computer for clerical purposes only
2. Players who will take game consoles out of the street, or like to hunt face-to-face
3. Players who are not allowed to play at home are not allowed to play at home

Should I switch to PC if I would have played the Switch version:
Purely in terms of game experience, the PC version is far better than the Switch; however, you need to consider the price of buying the game again, the time to play the progress again, and if you focus on hunting with friends, whether your friends will transfer with the same.

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