MHR sunbreak trial version 6.15, you can try the black eclipse dragon and spinosaurus

MHRise Sunbreak (MHR Sunbreak / Monster Hunter Rise of Dawn) Black Eclipse Dragon and Spinosaurus has a larger content than this one. You can try it now | There have been frequent game conferences in recent days, following the earlier PS State of Play After the Xbox and Xbox press conference, this morning (June 14), there is another Capcom press conference, bringing new information on Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak.

Black Eclipse Dragon and Spinosaurus will join the battle and more special individuals and two monsters will appear

“Monster Hunter Rise” Monster Hunter Rise’s super-large expansion content (G position) “Monster Hunter Rise: Dawn” Sunbreak has just released the latest promotional video, introducing a variety of monsters that will participate in Sunbreak, and the game after the launch of G-bit DLC updated roadmap.

The first to be revealed are the cover monster “Black Eclipse Dragon” from “Monster Hunter 4”, the daimyo crab, the subspecies of concubine spider with explosive properties “Chibi spider”, and the popular monster “Spinosaurus” from Monster Hunter: Frontier Online. In addition, a new area “Dense Forest” will be added, as well as new small monsters and new environmental creatures such as “Stone Soldier Hermit Crab”.

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That is to say, the official content of MHrise Sunbreak’s Black Eclipse Dragon and Spinosaurus’ participation in the war is larger than this article:

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Ally quests and companion NPCs to hunt together with Huoya Shuiyi

In the previous films, it was slightly public, that is, in Sunbreak, players will be able to hunt with popular NPCs such as Huoya and Shuiyi. The missions that can be taken with allies are “Allies Missions”: after the “Allies Accompanying Missions” and NPCs deepen the bond, the allies will provide assistance in other “Important Investigation Missions”. Players can also replace part of the armament for the NPC.

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Subsequent update of Xunlong rare species “Moon Xunlong”

Like the previous “Iceborne”, Sunbreak also plans to release free updates regularly after the release, and the current update plan is much richer than this one, at least each time more than one new monster participates in the battle, For example, in the first update, in addition to Yue Xunlong, new rare monsters, special individual monsters and a new area “The Secret Realm of the Tower” are scheduled to be added. The subsequent free updates are scheduled to be launched in the fall and winter of 2022. Each update will add new monsters, and the free update will be maintained until at least 2023. I believe that Sunbreak will be more playable than this game.

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The demo version will be open tomorrow for unlimited connection times.

Finally, the demo version of Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak will be launched on June 15th. Players can download it for free through Ninentdo eShop or Steam, and this demo is different from the previous demo, there is no limit on the number of connections. Players can swipe dragons until enough is reached. In this demo version, players will be able to face the new monster “Juyin Dragon” and experience Sunbreak’s new systems “High-speed Replacement” and “Charge”.

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