Mia Khalifa Social Media Post: Mia Khalifa identified while going with his wife; Husband loses Rs 10 lakh! – wife upset after man recognizes mia khalifa on honeymoon

Isn’t it normal to make an offer to pacify your partner when there is a quarrel between them? But when it is expensive, it’s sure to tear the gift buyer’s pocket. The husband, who arrived in Paris for his honeymoon, presented his wife with a bag worth around Rs 10 lakh. Asked if that was all news, he said it was the reason for the quarrel between the couple.

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The incident took place in the hotel lobby of Paris, which could have caused a rift between the newlyweds. Her husband identified the actress as Mia Khalifa. Mia herself shared this on social media. Mia says in the video that her presence caused a woman to receive a bag worth tens of millions.

On June 13, Mia tweeted a screenshot of the video. Earlier the video was shared on Tiktok. “The man who was with a woman at dinner while staying at a hotel in Paris was excited to see me. My husband, realizing that it was a little annoying, bought me a Birkin bag in the morning to fix it.” That’s Mia’s tweet.

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The video shows a woman behaving angrily towards her husband and her husband appearing with a bag. It is clear from the footage that Mia is a witness to this. The video was viewed by 5.9 lakh people on Twitter.

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