Miami, spring break arrives and curfew returns to the night

Spring holidays are, for American students and beyond, an opportunity to celebrate the summer. Especially in Florida and throughout the south of the country. This means that cities like Miami, true icons of entertainment, are taken by storm and become party stages that go wild all night long. And so it was again this year, in particular in the Miami Beach area and on the famous “Ocean Drive”. But these are very special moments for America and for the world. It is true that the country is vaccinating against Coronavirus at great speed and over 156 million Americans have received the first dose, of which 125 million also the second, but it is also true that the infections have not stopped and neither have the deaths. And so, after many days of celebrations, the mayor of the city, Dan Gelber, declared a state of emergency and set a curfew.

“The crowds of young people arriving in the city are more than we can handle, the students arrive with the intention of breaking the rules and generating a level of chaos and disorder that is impossible to control.”

Thus the curfew, in the area of ​​the restaurants and clubs of the city facing the ocean, starts at 9 pm for all non-residents. And this, most likely for all the days of “Spring Break”.

And this is the second year that the entire city must close in moments of such strong movements as the spring holidays but, the lack of any safety rules on the part of young people has not allowed to give the green light to any night event. The 540,000 victims in the United States, with more than 32,000 of them in the state of Florida alone, are a warning not to be forgotten.

Dramatic memories that seem to have been totally forgotten by the crowds of young people without masks and without brakes who have filled the streets and beaches of Miami Beach forcing everything to close.

The three bridges that connect the island of Miami with the mainland are also closed from 10 pm to 6 am. Only residents, workers and hotel guests can pass.

Miami Beach Police Chief Richard Clements said the situation was untenable. “Thousands of people caused gatherings and threw chairs as weapons and a young woman was injured.”

Since the Super Bowl, Miami police have made more than 900 arrests, more than 300 of them for serious crimes.

And the warning issued by the police chief was very clear to everyone “If you come here because you have been locked in the house for a long time and you want to let yourself go, and you think everything is fine, don’t come. We have extra cops everywhere, people who don’t respect the rules will be arrested. We want to keep order. If you come here to “get high”, go somewhere else. We don’t want you ”.


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