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In her darkest hours, her love for her deceased son is all the stronger.

On August 5th, the world collapsed for football legend Michael Ballack (44) and his ex-wife Simone (45). At 2:07 a.m., their son Emilio had an accident with his quad bike and succumbed to his serious injuries.

Losing the child at the age of only 18 – the pain of the parents is nowhere near to be imagined. Emilio would have celebrated his 19th birthday on Sunday. And father Michael feels one thing above all on this sad day … pure love!

Photo: emilioballack / instagram

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Michael Ballack and his son EmilioPhoto: emilioballack / instagram

Ballack speaks publicly about the loss for the first time on Instagram. His message goes directly to his son. “17:36 19 years ago,” the former national player wrote on Instagram under a photo of Emilio.

The moment when it saw the light of day in 2002.

This light went out far too soon. “The fact that you are no longer there only makes me love you all the more,” writes Ballack.

Michael Ballack am vergangenen Samstag in LeipzigPhoto: Sky

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Michael Ballack last Saturday in LeipzigPhoto: Sky

It is his first public comment since that terrible day in August. Michael has since withdrawn, but was spotted in the stands at the Bundesliga match between RB Leipzig and his ex-club FC Bayern a week ago.

Emilio’s mother Simone Mecky-Ballack, who also commemorates her deceased son on Instagram, also found powerful words on Sunday. Her lines are no less close to you: “I miss you every second and I don’t know how it will ever be different? I fight my way through life every day, for you and your brothers. “

Emilio Ballack had just graduated from Munich International School in Berg on Lake Starnberg.


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