Michaeli: “Labor is the gatekeeper in this government”

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(Photo: Labor Party spokeswoman)

This morning (Thursday), the Labor Party held a meeting and briefing of ambassadors from all over the world, with the participation of party chairman Merav Michaeli, alongside Minister of Internal Security Amar Bar-Lev and Diaspora Minister Nachman Shai in Tel Aviv.

The briefing was opened by Bar-Lev, who addressed the resurgence of the Labor Party in the past year and the differences between the governments. He also talked about his complex challenges in the Ministry of Public Security around the violence in Arab society and the restoration of personal security to the citizens of the country.

(Photo: Labor Party spokeswoman)

“A year ago we had a conservative right-wing government, and today we have a liberal central government. A year ago the government weakened the state institutions, the courts, the ombudsman, the prosecution, the police and more,” he said. “Today, the government returns those institutions. “A year ago, we had a government that almost annexed the West Bank and thus almost managed to end the hope for the vision of the two countries, and today we keep the chance that this will happen in the future.”

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Dr. Nachman Shai, Minister of Diaspora, then reviewed the many visions for the Ministry of Diaspora as a ministry that develops and maintains a two-way relationship with the Jewish communities around the world, and contains all types of Jewish communities equally. In relations with the Jewish communities in the world, he will treat all currents and communities in Judaism equally. We are opening a new chapter with world Jewry in the spirit of the principles of pluralism and sharing. “

(Photo: Labor Party spokeswoman)

The briefing was concluded by Michaeli, who referred to the new government, the return of the Labor Party to the forefront of the political map, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the climate crisis and the effort to promote smart and clean public transportation. “The Labor Party sees itself in the current government as the gatekeeper that will not allow processes to be carried out that will block the future agreement with the Palestinians,” she noted. “The party believes in the original Zionist vision, a national home for the Jewish people with full equality of rights regardless of religion, race, gender and gender, with religious freedom for all streams in Judaism and non-Jews.”

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