Michaeli to the Ambassadors: We are the gatekeeper of an agreement with the Palestinians

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“We will not allow moves that would block the future of an agreement with the Palestinians,” Transport Minister and Labor Party chairman Merav Michaeli said yesterday in a briefing with her party ministers on several dozen foreign ambassadors. Corona, but mainly because of the situation the Labor Party was in. According to her, the meeting indicates the renewal of the party and the building of the political force of the “liberal and progressive side of Israel.”

At the briefing, which took place in the morning in Tel Aviv, the Minister of Internal Security, Amar Bar-Lev, also spoke. He described the current government as a “liberal central government”, and said that compared to the previous government, the current one would not allow the door to be closed to a two-state solution.

“A year ago we had a conservative right-wing government, and today we have a liberal central government,” Bar-Lev said. “A year ago the government weakened the state institutions – the courts, the attorney general, the prosecution, the police and more. Today the government returns these institutions. A year ago we had a government that almost annexed the West Bank and thus almost ended the hope of a two state solution. We keep the chance that it will happen in the future. “

Diaspora Minister Nachman Shai told those present that the current government is opening “a new chapter with world Jewry, in the spirit of the principles of pluralism and sharing.”

The briefing was attended by representatives from a wide range of countries, including Egypt, Russia, Australia, the European Union, Austria, Denmark, Germany, England and Belgium, which decided this week to mark products from Judea and Samaria. , Who first participated in such an event. She expressed her joy at the peace agreements with the two Gulf states, but added that “Labor is not giving up on a political solution with our closest neighbors.”

However, Michaeli said, “It is probably not the government that will bring such a solution, but the Labor Party sees its role in the government as a gatekeeper, to prevent things from degenerating into a situation where a proper solution will not be possible. People, and in the relationships we have with our partners everywhere. ” She added that “the Labor Party believes in the original Zionist vision, a national home for the Jewish people with full equality of rights without distinction of religion, race, sex and gender, with religious freedom for all streams in Judaism and non-Jews.”

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On the economic front, Transport Minister Michaeli declared that after the Corona era, it is clear to everyone that capitalism alone is not the answer: “The benefits of globalization must be taken, and not only the strong who benefit from it must be helped on a daily basis.”

Although questions were raised, representatives of the countries that participated in the event did not ask about the building permits issued in Judea and Samaria, nor about the Israeli declaration of six Palestinian organizations as terrorist organizations.

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