Michel Fugain against Benjamin Biolay: the war never ends

The interpreter of “Fais comme l’oiseau” again tackled the singer-songwriter, whom he never appreciated. Which gave him the change of his coin.

Par Marc Fourny

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Ehere are two who are not about to work together… On the antenna of SudInfo last Friday, Michel Fugain reiterated how the music of Benjamin Biolay did not touch him. “It really doesn’t speak to me,” he replied when asked about his younger brother’s songs. Which did not disassemble and quickly replied on social networks: “Me neither, I do not like what you are doing, Mr. Michel Fugain, dropped the author of “Rends l’amour!” on his Instagram account. But I don’t feel obligated to harass you through the media since 2008.”

Biolay refers to the punchy interview that Fugain gave to RTBF at the time, where he attacked the new generation without taking the gloves off, beating Bénabar, Cali, Matthieu Chedid… “I think there are has a bunch of little jerks in there – and I’m weighing my words – who feel like they can do it all, they know it all. And they are wrong, because they know very little. Do they know that we have heard wonders, us, for years? How do they feel like they’re going to put us on our ass? They don’t know how to make melodies. They don’t know how to talk about anything other than their navel! “Before carrying the thrust:” For me, Benjamin Biolay, it is the worst…”

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Free Attack

A criticism that Biolay had obviously taken very badly, as he confided afterwards in an interview with Vanity Fair. “When you get screwed by Michel Fugain for free, you don’t understand why you deserved that…” And to remember that he is not the last to attack his colleagues, because of a “blood” character “, but that he “never drew the first one”. “I couldn’t stand, for example, this label of new French song behind which we were trying to bring together people who had nothing to do with each other…”

And it is under this label that Fugain includes him, who has never minced his words against the new artists who irritate and afflict him. He had not been tender when several of them had paid tribute to him in the album of covers Sing life, singfor his 50-year career, which at the time brought together Slimane, Patrick Fiori, Corneille, Chimène Badi… “It was disastrous, he had judged in Provence. I have nothing to do with it, they should have listened to the original arrangements. I participated nicely, but I had to do the intro of “Attention ladies and gentlemen” because no one was damned to do it! »

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Somewhat embittered, Michel Fugain? He assures me not. “This job has made me the happiest of men,” he continues in the Marseille daily. But we have the right to demand from future generations that their duty is to do things for others. They all stare at each other. But that doesn’t interest us. They talk about themselves, but that takes ten minutes! People have to find themselves in them. It’s not in the media or people pages that it happens. I invite them to make the musician speak…”


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