Míchel on Nacho’s entrance to Porto: “No play of this type is understandable on the pitch”

Míchel on Nacho’s entrance to Porto: “No play of this type is understandable on the pitch”

2023-09-30 21:20:47

Girona lost the first game of the season this evening against Real Madrid (0-3). The worst thing, however, has not been the result or ceasing to be a leader. A very serious tackle by Nacho on Portu in added time with the score 0-3, ended with the removal of Beniel from the pitch on a stretcher and he was taken by ambulance to the hospital to see the extent of the injury


“Ancelotti has said that it was not the case and has apologized to us. Let’s hope it’s knocks, his ankle and hip are quite affected. No play of this type is understandable on the pitch, but even less with 0- 3 on the scoreboard.”


“I told the players that it has to hurt us. It comes within the logic, we know how much it costs us to win each game. There are rivals that even if you give your best version it’s not enough. We lacked a little physically. If we had been contemplative we might have had more chances. Individually and collectively they are very good. We did a lot of things well today and what we have in the league. The difficulty is very high. Hopefully we will get used to winning, but we have to fight in every game. The goal is to stay in Primera.”


“We did things wrong. The approach and putting players without rotations has gotten us as far as it has gotten us. Today I could have done a different approach to give Madrid less space. I have confidence in my team and we can steal balls from Madrid . The start to the game was very good. Madrid has a lot of merit with what they are doing. The 0-3 has hurt us a lot.”

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“The first two chances were very good. Bellinigham amazing pass.”


“Yan has made a supporter, he has to play with that mentality.”


“I think Savinho has been hurt by everything we’ve talked about him, I told him. There was too much focus on him. He hasn’t made good decisions even if Carvajal and Valverde were there. Everything has come to him suddenly and he has to continue growing up. He’s a smart guy and he’s going to keep giving us. He hasn’t had his best game.”


“Tsygankov needs to be tested. He’s noticed something muscular, but we don’t know if it’s serious or not.”

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