Michela Del Piero, CiviBank: “Solidity and profitability up in 2020 with profits of € 6.8 million”

CiviBank, 2020 financial statements approved: profit up to 6.8 million (+ 148.2% from 2019) and CET1 to 15%. Loans to businesses and households in support of the Covid crisis grew by 8.4%

CiviBank, a bank that looks at its own history and finds the same values ​​that guide it towards the future today: cooperation and sustainable growth together with the community. It is along these lines that the Bank, the only independent cooperative in Italy, confirms a trend of growth also in 2020, despite the difficulties generated by the economic crisis resulting from the pandemic. “A situation that we could not foresee. A period that profoundly marked the whole country, on a social and economic level “, he comments Michela Del Piero, President of CiviBank.

The Board of Directors of the Cividale Institute has approved the schemes of financial statements at 31 December 2020, with positive data: net profit recorded an increase of +148,2% compared to 2019, going from 2.7 million euros a € 6.8 million. Further strengthening of the solidity indices of CiviBank: confirmed the growth trend recorded in recent years with respect to capital solidity, with CET1 2020 which stands at 15,0%. Asset quality is also improving, with non-performing loans declining sharply (-22,4% compared to December 2019).

There is great satisfaction in seeing positive trends confirmed even in this context, in which CiviBank has continued to provide support to customers, made up of families and businesses. Thanks to the great commitment of our people, through all our branches and collaborators, we have managed to make our support for the territory more and more visible.” keep it going Michela Del Piero.

The context of 2020 was indeed exceptional and unpredictable. It was a year that led to a profound revolution both in the paradigms of life and in the habits of Italians and thus of the whole world; a revolution that has led to an inevitable change also regarding the needs of families and businesses.

And in this time of great changes CiviBank she managed to confirm her own support for the territory, with a +8,4% of loans disbursed with respect to 2019, for a total of 661 million. In particular, companies in the Northeast have found valid support in CiviBank to tackle the pandemic: +19,3% of new ones financing for SMEs, for a total value of 485 million euros. Since the beginning of the Covid emergency CiviBank has in fact welcomed 5400 requests for a moratorium on mortgages and loans, for a total amount of 723 million euros. Of these, 574 million relate to requests from businesses, while the value of moratoriums granted to families stands at 149 million. The “freezing” of these loans is a breath of fresh air for the entire social and productive fabric, hit hard by the lockdown and closures caused by Covid. A choice, that of CiviBank, aimed at growth that wants to guarantee opportunities for all the social and economic actors that make up its community.

“The Bank is strongly committed to supporting its community and its territory” – he declares CiviBank – “We have taken care to protect the health safety of our employees and our customers while managing to maintain operational continuity by equipping the branches with all the necessary health tools. In addition, we are committed to contributing to the free distribution of masks not only to our customers but trying to protect the whole territory in which we operate to protect, first of all, people “.

Finally the total assets entrusted to bank of Cividale (total collection) stands at 4,232 million euros, with a growth of + 10.7% compared to 2019 – a trend that confirms the trust of customers, who have reached the threshold of 133 thousand, in the Institute and in its ability to preserve and invest savings. Liquidity on current and deposit accounts (direct deposits) increased by 13.8%, for a total of 3,070 million euros.

“The growth of 2020 is the result of a work that began many years ago. Central is the deep relationship that we have managed to establish with our customers, managing to identify their needs and offer them the right products and services. We have increased our commercial development through partnerships with insurance companies such as Helvetia and Itas, thus expanding the range of our offer. For 2021, the Bank’s objective is to further grow and expand from a territorial point of view. new branches especially in the Veneto area “- he concludes Michela Del Piero, President of CiviBank – “We want to guarantee professionalism and support for local projects that have positive effects on the community while remaining faithful to our corporate purpose which is to be a bank for the North-East community “.

A year, therefore, 2020 in which solidity and profitability are recorded in constant growth for CiviBank. A fundamental year for the Bank, which managed to demonstrate that hard-working spirit and that urgent need to support its territory that have distinguished it since its inception in 1886.

A past that comes back to life looking at a modern future, open to the digital age and oriented towards an increasingly direct and transparent contact with users.


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