Mickaël Capelli takes the wrong train and misses the party on the Place de la Comédie

LE SCAN SPORT – The Montpellier second line Mickaël Capelli got on the wrong train in Paris on Saturday, and thus missed the start of the festivities in Montpellier.

Before heading back to Hérault and celebrating the first Shield in their history with their supporters, the Montpellier heroes reserved a small private party in Paris on Friday evening, after the final whistle. But the way back did not go as planned for Montpellier second line Mickaël Capelli.

On the Gare de Lyon platform on Saturday morning, the 25-year-old boarded the train on the right, while his whole team settled in the one on the left. Result of the maneuver: Capelli found himself in Lyon a few hours later, while his teammates arrived at Gare Saint-Roch in Montpellier.

The party will certainly have been great for the people of Montpellier and their players, but Mickaël Capelli will only have taken part in it very late.


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