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In order to smoothly promote the acquisition of Activision Blizzard, Microsoft recently promised Sony that it will continue to provide COD (Call of Duty) games for the PlayStation platform in the next ten years. At the same time, Microsoft also officially provided the same agreement to Nintendo. , but since Nintendo’s main game console Switch does not have COD, it has sparked speculation that COD will land on Switch in the future.

In fact, it is not that the works of COD have not landed on Nintendo’s game consoles, but the latest time has been to return to Wii U. Activision launched COD Ghosts for Nintendo, the predecessor of the Switch, in 2013. There was also COD Black Ops 2 in 2010, so at that time, Wii U was treated as a host of the same era, but it was only on Switch, a machine with handheld attributes, that it may be because of the fiasco of Wii U. Activision did not continue to provide support.

Now that the Switch shipments have exceeded 110 million, Nintendo has already found another way to open up a huge market outside of the Xbox and PS platforms. Activision returned to the Nintendo platform and launched COD games to get a share of the action. Of course, it is unclear whether Activision will launch the same COD orthodox sequel as Xbox and PS for Switch, or a “you don’t have any” like COD Mobile. Mobile” works.

However, Microsoft’s move may only be in response to the scrutiny of the acquisition by the United States and the European Union. After all, although Nintendo is still one of the three major players in the game console market, their Switch does not compete directly with Xbox. Switch is more family friendly. , The positioning of all ages, and Xbox’s main car, gun and ball route can be said to be aimed at two completely different player groups, so the agreement between Microsoft and Nintendo may be more of a formal statement.


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